KUS Tachometer With Hour Meter 0-4000RPM For Diesel Engine 85MM 12V/24V

Tachometer with hour meter
Indicating range: 0-4000rpm
Speed Ratio: 0.5-250.0
Working voltage: 12V/24V
Be suitable for all kinds of tacho sensors, and display the rotation speed of the engine
Use moving-magnet principle to drive the needle, featuring good endurance and anti-vibration.
Operating temperature: -40°C ~+85°C
Protection grade is IP67, the whole body is completely waterproof
Excellent anti-fogging function
316 Stainless steel bezel with curved glass
Convenient Installation by multi-pliug socket connecting way
Red and yellow dual-color background light can be chosen
Accessories: Installation Instructions and Wires

Product Features

  • Indicating range: 0-4000
  • Installation Dimension: 85mm
  • Working voltage: 12V/24V
  • Speed Ratio: 0.5-250.0
  • Excellent anti-fogging and waterproof function